Compete with yourself

Are you afraid to compete with yourself?

Most athletes by nature are competitive, that is nothing new, but there is this small part of the battles we face every day that are over looked. We are constantly battling and competing with ourselves way more than we will ever compete with any other competition in our lives. There is this little voice in our heads constantly telling us the wrong things. It’s the voice that tells us to cut short of the line during drills, the voice that tells us when we are injured that we hurt too much to get up and get ice. It’s that pesky little voice in your ear telling you to put the alarm on snooze and go back to sleep, to order the extra plate of fries, to stay up all night watching Netflix, or to skip your workout.

When no one is watching you, that voice in your head is going to tell you don’t do it, you don’t need to do it, that’s not true. You have to reach down and remind yourself that you, if no one else is, are watching and do it. You have to compete with that voice in your head, you have to beat that voice. Do it no matter how tired, hurt, exhausted you may be. It’s not the games that matter most it’s the practices and recovery, that is where you become better, that is where you put in the work. If you can’t beat yourself in competition, how are you suppose beat anyone else?

You can’t be afraid to compete with yourself. You can’t be afraid to tell yourself no and push yourself harder than your brain is telling you that you can go. Keep score if you have to, maybe you hit snooze yesterday morning but you put up extra free throws at practice and ate a salad instead of pizza. Now you are up 2-1, how big can you get the lead to? It is the little steps every day that we take against ourselves that make us better players. Compete with yourself, and beat yourself.

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